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that is, the realization of the fulness of Divine-
human truth, the truth of the God-man realized
in life. In the old forms of Christian piety love
of God often meant lack of love for man, repul-
sion from man, renunciation of the world as of
something accursed. The only possible escape
from this is in a new piety in which love of God
will be love for man as well, and where freedom
from the powers of this world will at the same
time mean love for all of God's creation, a
religion in which man's spiritual life will be not
merely a process of attaining salvation, but
creative in the world, as well. This does not
mean a renunciation of asceticism, but only a new
understanding of it, where the ascetic will be
free from elements hostile to true life, and from
what may be called religious nihilism.

Christianity is above all else a religion of love
and liberty, but just because of this, the future
is not determined by blind fate, either for good
or for evil. Hence we move forward toward
a tragic conflict. The new Christianity must re-
humanize man and society, culture and the world.
But for Christianity this process of humanization is
something not merely human; it is Divine-human,
of the nature of the God-man. Only in Divine-
humanity, in the Body of Christ, can man be saved.
Otherwise he will be torn to pieces by demonic
forces, by the demons of hatred and malice.